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Council Forms

Food and Place of Assembly Forms

For more detailed information please visit Council's page on Food Premises Registration and Place of Assembly Permits.

Notification of a Food Business
Food Premises Application Form

PLEASE NOTE: completed form and payment for temporary food business MUST be received by Council a minimum of 7 days prior to the event to allow for processing, failure to do so may result in a licence not being granted.

Registration of a Temporary Food Business

Application for Registration as a User or Supplier of Water from a Private Water Source
Place of Assembly Application Form

Public Events

Are your holding a public event? There are many things you have to organise and manage from food licences, insurance to place of assembly.

Council have put together a checklist and guidelines to help you out, please view the Event Management Guide here.

The Event Checklist can be viewed here.

Longford Sports Centre

For more detailed information please visit Council's page on the Longford Sports Centre .

Right to Information

For more detailed information please visit Council's Right to Information page.

State Government - "Right to Information Act 2009" Application for Assessed Disclosure Form

Northern Midlands Council - Application for Assessed Disclosure Form

Application for Permit to Install an Irrigation Pipe Under The Road

Vehicular / Driveway Crossing

Application for Driveway Crossover

To view the Standard Drawings for driveway crossover 1003-Urban Crossover Amended, SD-1009 Rural Crossover and SD-1014 Industrial Crossover please view our Engineering Standards.

Please note that vehicular crossovers are to be constructed by qualified and experienced contractors, if a crossover is not to Council standard you may be required to redo it.

Statutory Declaration

Permission to Use Photographic Image or Video Footage

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