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100 years of Municipal Leadership in Tasmania's Northern Midlands 1911-2011

LGAT History Award

At the Local Government Association of Tasmania conferance in Hobart on 20th to 22nd of July it was announced that the Northern Midlands Council had won the 100 years of Local Government in Tasmania award. To view our winning publication follow this link, Ancient landscapes, modern aspirations. Municipal Leadership in Tasmanian's Northern Midlands 1911-2011

Protocol for inviting the Mayor and Councillors to events

The Mayor and Councillors of the Northern Midlands Council are committed to attending as many events throughout the municipality as possible.

As the Mayor and Councillors receive a large number of invitations to events annually, the Northern Midlands Council has developed a protocol for inviting the Mayor and Councillors to an event.

Extending an invitation
Invitations to the Mayor or Councillors to attend an event are to be in writing and forwarded to the General Manager, Northern Midlands Council as far in advance as is possible.

If your invitation is for the Mayor/Councillor and his/her partner to attend, please specify.

If tickets are required for the event, please provide a complimentary pass with the invitation.

Representation by the Mayor
The Mayor is the principal representative of the Northern Midlands Council.

If the Mayor is unavailable to attend an event, the Deputy Mayor is able to attend as a substitute. If the Deputy Mayor is also unavailable the Mayor is able to nominate another Councillor to attend as representative of the Council.

Introducing the Mayor or Councillors
The Mayor or Deputy Mayor should be introduced as:

“The Mayor/Deputy Mayor of Northern Midlands Council, Councillor John Smith.”

If the Mayor and one or more other Councillors are in attendance at the event, all be acknowledged.

For example:
“I welcome the Mayor of the Northern Midlands Council Councillor John Smith and Councillors Jones and Brown.”

After formal introductions have taken place the Mayor and Councillors will indicate their preferred method of address.

Official duties
If you have invited the Mayor to give a speech or open an event please provide the following information:
• The location of the event;
• The start time of the event;
• The order of proceedings, including start time of the Mayor’s official duties;
• The length of the speech you would like made (if a speech is not required, such as at an event opening, please advise);
• The subject of the speech;
• Some background information on the organisation;
• The dress code;
• The most suitable parking area for the Mayor;
• Who will greet the Mayor upon arrival.

An official acknowledgement of our traditional land owners will be included in every speech.

The information requested should be provided at least two weeks prior to the event.

Please arrange for the Mayor/Councillor attending your event to be introduced to other dignitaries and leaders of your organisation.

If you have any questions regarding this protocol please contact Council’s Executive Officer on 6397 7303 or

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