About the Northern Midlands

The Northern Midlands is one of the largest and most diverse municipalities in Tasmania.

About the Northern Midlands

Fast Facts

  • 60% of population resides in 5% of the area, which is generally in the North of the municipality, including Longford, Perth and Evandale.
  • Northern Midlands Council is responsible for the maintenance of 960kms of roads - more than any other council in Tasmania.
  • Northern Midlands Council has an annual turnover of $19.1m (2019/2020).
  • 51% of municipal total revenue comes from rates ($11.3m); the remainder is mostly Government grants for various services, and user fees.
  • Northern Midlands contains over 7,500 properties, with an Assessed Annual Value of approximately $170m (2019/2020).
  • Northern Midlands Council meets monthly, usually on the third Monday of the month.
  • Population 13,400.
  • Municipal area covers 5,133km2.

Northern Midlands Community Profile

Our Story

Northern Midlands was created as a municipality following amalgamation of Evandale, Longford, Campbell Town, Ross and part of Fingal municipalities in 1993. It took in the major towns of Longford, Perth and Evandale, together with Western Junction Airport, TRANSlink Precinct and Ben Lomond National Park in the north, and the towns of Campbell Town, Ross and Avoca together with Lake Leake and Tooms Lake in the south, with boundaries extending from the coastal range in the east to the Western Tiers. Amongst the many challenges this posed were the integration of the many small communities into a functioning local government area, creation of a unifying image and identity, and formation of a single efficient administration which is supported by several local district committees to serve the needs of this expanded network of people.

Northern Midlands Council inherited some significant issues. One of these is distance, comprising as it does a widely scattered array of small towns across one of the largest rural local government areas in Tasmania. Another has been the equity issues posed by the demographic reality of shrinking country towns and villages in the south, and growing commuter towns in the north. Yet another has been the responsibility of managing some of the most significant heritage sites and landscapes in Tasmania, including the precious 19th century villages of Ross and Evandale.

There have been major problems to solve. Among them is the need to provide water supplies and waste treatment to rural towns which can meet modern standards. Another has been to address the social and logistical problems encountered by remote and aging communities in accessing government, health, commercial and education services, maintain social connections and ensure there is the necessary support for youth in areas far removed from city based facilities.

​ Our Vision

Northern Midlands is an enviable place to live, work and play.

Connected communities enjoy safe, secure lives in beautiful historical towns and villages. Our clean, green agricultural products are globally valued. Local business and industry is strongly innovative and sustainable.

Our Values


Treat all with honesty, respect and trust


Listen, learn and proactively deliver Council's vision


Explore, expand and adapt to achieve a share vision


Serve community with pride and energy

Our Mission

Lead and Progress

  • Leadership Serve with honesty, integrity, innovation and pride
  • Progression Nurture and support economic health and wealth

People and Place

  • People Build a vibrant society that respects the past
  • Place Nurture our heritage environment

Municipal Goals

  • Bold leadership guides innovation and growth
  • Economically sound and flexible management
  • Sustainable progress creates a vibrant future
  • We strategically plan and deliver infrastructure
  • Our culture respects the past in building the future
  • Our historical landscapes are cherished and protected
  • Connected communities are strong and safe
  • The municipality is diverse and innovative
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